Free Your Soul.
Claim Your Purpose.
Love Your Life.





Susan Sinclair is a Soul Reader, Akashic Energy Healer, Energy Clearing Expert and general Ascension Sherpa (as some have named her). Her mission is to assist Planet Earth in returning to a State of Grace—one Freed Soul and Cleared Space at a time.


People come to Susan when they know they are More and life is More than what they’ve known so far. They’re ready to tune into their Souls, to learn who they truly are, why they’re really here, and how to live a life they can actually love. But they feel mysteriously blocked, stuck in old patterns of anxiety, overwhelmed, painful relationships, unfulfilling work, and/or general “shoulding” on themselves—and somehow not in command of their lives, even if they look successful. The core issue that Susan reveals and heals is Soul-deep: loss of spiritual Sovereignty.


Susan is devoted to helping people reconnect to their Soul’s true identity and full Sovereignty. Under her Spirited guidance, people discover how the Love, Power, Wisdom, and Joy of Graceflow can free their souls, activate their purpose, clean up relationships, clear out anxiety and overwhelm, and empower them to finally live the More that they came here to be, have, and accomplish.


After Susan’s spiritual awakening in 2011 through Reiki attunements, she accepted her calling as a spiritual Medicine Woman, left her day jobs, and plunged into intensive studies of the work of Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton. She also pursued personal training and study under sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman, renowned energy healer Cyndi Dale, Akashic Record scholar Linda Howe, and master energy mentor Jeffrey Allen. 


From these rich resources and direct spiritual guidance, Susan developed her unique SoulPrint reading skills, Akashic energy healing modality, and profound spiritual mentoring practices. She teaches energy techniques that are simple, satisfying, and highly efficient, so people can stay Sovereign and still actually enjoy everyday life.


Susan has been a featured guest on such radio shows as The Paranormal MD, Paranormal Mojo, and So, You Think You're Awake?, and most recently, The Dr. Pat Show, exploring the mysteries of reality beyond the ordinary. Her engaging and interactive teaching events, both live and online, have delighted and uplifted her multi-national audiences. 


And in her free time, when Susan is not mystically communing with her Unseen-but-NOT-Imaginary Friends, she can be found strolling on the beach, playing her keyboard or Native Flutes, cuddling with her cat, or devouring paranormal fiction (which she finds peppered with a surprising amount of Spirited truth).


Susan’s work in Graceflow has brought transformative healing and guidance to hundreds of Wondrous Souls (like you!) worldwide.



She invites you to join the growing tribe of Sovereign Souls who have discovered the joy of life in Graceflow!



Make it your intention not to change who you essentially are, but to become who you essentially are.

-  Susan