Release. Renewal. Healing. Freedom.

Are you seeking full health in body, mind, and spirit?

Have you experienced inexplicable runs of bad luck and misfortune?

Do you feel depressed or weighed down by other people's energy?

Perhaps you have a history of trauma or abuse in your background, and you're ready to release the past and claim a joyful future. Or perhaps you just know you need an energetic reset to reach a greater level of well-being and success.

Whatever your situation may be, an Energy Clearing can provide relief, renewal, and a fresh start in life.

Energetic interference is present to some degree in all of us, often in multiple forms, and most traditional methods of physical or psychological healing cannot reach the energetic roots of these problems.

Some indications that you would greatly benefit from an Energy Clearing are:

  • A general feeling of discontent, being blocked, or sensing that something is "off" in your life or yourself
  • Depression, anxiety, sudden onsets of fear or aggression without provocation; mood swings
  • Recurring or persistent streaks of bad luck, misfortune, or things falling apart
  • Disturbing dreams, visions, or uncharacteristic/irrational behavior
  • Unexplained physical illness or discomfort that cannot be identified by a medical practitioner
  • A history of accidents, injuries, or surgeries

Tony N.

Seattle, Washington

Single Payment

Single Payment