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Are you seeking Clarity and Direction?

Are you ready to release old pain and step into your Power?​

Do you need an infusion of Grace and Healing?

I am now healthier and happier, and Susan taught me techniques that are very beneficial to my health and wellbeing so I can work on it continuously. I’m deeply grateful for the work Susan has done for me.


I referred friends and family to her as well, and I would refer Susan’s work to all people I know that are on this spiritual path, because Susan can definitely help them with their individual journeys.


I feel so grateful for all that Susan is doing. Thank YOU, Universe and Susan!!!

"In every session with Susan, I have felt instant results."

Amanda Christina

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Single Payment

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PLEASE NOTE: The services presented here are not to be construed as medical advice. While Susan Sinclair is a certified Usui and Imara Reiki Master, and has formal training in sound healing and energy healing, she does not hold medical or chiropractic degrees, nor is she a licensed health-care provider. As with any alternative healing treatments, if you have a health problem, are on medication, are pregnant, or are nursing a baby, it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of a health care professional before engaging in these services. These procedures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. By entering into an agreement to have a reading or healing or clearing session, you hereby agree to assume and accept full responsibility for any and all risks associated with any reliance upon any of the alternative healing methods discussed here.