"I see what's going on in the world--and it really gets to me. I'm having ongoing struggles, emotionally and spiritually, navigating this current time."


"I really want to heal myself, help the world, and grow as a Soul--but I need more support."


"I’m looking at big changes in my life coming up--I really need some trustworthy answers NOW."


"It's 3 months to get a private reading with Susan--if I can fit it into my budget."


"I'm craving real connection with like-Spirited people."


Can you relate?

If so, this is for you.

Graceflow Soul Circle is 24/7 support just for extraordinary, seeking, sensitive souls like you, where you’ll find:

  • Nurture

  • Wisdom

  • Guidance

  • Healing

  • Laughter

  • Ease

  • Blessing

  • Acceptance

  • GRACE!

GRACE, as Susan has come to understand and experience it, is actually a combination of Four Divine Life-Sustaining Forces, endlessly flowing from Source Consciousness to all living beings:





Imagine how your life could change by being infused with these Four Forces of Grace day and night--energy cleansing, healing, and realignment, a constant FLOW of Spirit-enriched, personalized energy transmissions for you, for your home, and for your entire family—including your pets!


THAT is the daily gift you receive as a member of the Graceflow Soul Circle:


The literal energies of Grace, uniquely tailored to YOU and your household and flowing easily into your body, your loved ones (see more on that below), and your home, 24/7.


This life-transforming energy transmission clears and balances your chakras and energy fields to assist the body and mind to heal itself. The energy of Graceflow is intelligent--because it’s directed by Divine Wisdom! The Grace energies will work with you individually, going exactly where you most need support, moment by moment. 

Graceflow works on many levels—mental, physical, emotional, dimensional, and spiritual—to clear out energy blockages, restore Divine energy flow, and open your intuitive gifts so that you are more able to realize your highest potential. It gently restores you to your natural state of Grace, brings more love and ease to all your relationships, and actually boosts and accelerates your Soul’s Ascension--without detoxing side effects.

"With each healing I find more good flowing into my life, whether that be people, opportunities, or my own self-growth. I love receiving the energies.”

Nicolette, Chicago

I stepped into the Soul Circle because of the chance to learn about many spiritual topics, and to meet other like-minded individuals. Being in the Soul Circle has given me new confidence that things are being handled on a higher level--so important to me right now with some stressful situations in my life.

I’m thankful for the ongoing support of the Graceflow energies and Soul Circle.”

J. D.,  New York

“The reason I got started with the Graceflow Soul Circle was specifically to receive the 24/7 Graceflow energies for myself, my hubby, and my cats. 

The Graceflow energies make it so much easier to navigate the chaotic energy currents of these times!

Manon S, The Netherlands

My greatest benefits have been learning the various statements for clearing, unwinding, and releasing dissonant energies, learning about the various crystals, herbs for protection and different ways to use Graceflow energy for myself, workplace, loved ones and situations.  And I love Susan’s sense of humor! I also met some like minded down-to-earth souls in this group.


I would love my friends to have access to this valuable Soul Circle wisdom, tips and tools that Susan provides!

Angela B,  Canada

Day and night, Graceflow energies are quietly, ceaselessly working to Clear your limiting beliefs/expectations, stories, traumas, energy, blocks, etc. And Spirit is making ongoing energetic adjustments—what Susan calls Tele-Tuning—to re-tune and realign your energy system to accept the inflow of Good Fortune, so you can make delightful progress in finances, relationships, and other desires for your life.

The energy streams of Graceflow  are the result of an energetic download and upgrade Susan experienced some years ago. These particular streams of healing energy are like honey in color and consistency, and they are an outpouring of Divine Grace that is like spiritual "Mother's Milk."

Gently cleansing, profoundly healing, deeply restorative, and so comforting that many people spontaneously exclaim how GOOD this feels as they tune into it—Graceflow helps dissolve resistance and "stuck" beliefs or traumas, while infusing Divine nurturing energy to restore and revitalize your chakras and auric fields.

Graceflow  is also enriched with the energy Susan has named GaiaGrace—an emerald green that holds the most potent and empowering of the ancient energies stored in our beloved Earth Mother. Blending with the futuristic Golden Grace and other vibrant frequencies brought through for you personally by Spirit, this creates a true wellspring of healing for all levels and dimensions of your being.

You'll feel nurtured, stronger, more stable, and at ease in these changing times, as the Graceflow  energies nurture you and your household—able to manifest your heart's true desires and meet  life’s ongoing challenges with true Divine Grace!



The Soul Circle gives you:

  • Twice-monthly LIVE Zoom sessions with Susan--exclusively for Graceflow Soul Circle members--including personal mini-readings and energy healings, plus Spirited (and often humorous) wisdom on current issues and your own life questions.

  • Susan’s personal attention and energy healing at a fraction of the price of a private session. Susan's sessions are $200 each, and they are booked out weeks in advance. But in the Soul Circle, you get personal support and healing on a regular basis with each circle call.

  • Plus the recordings of all prior calls (with activations, guided journeys, healings and readings) are available to you in the Members’ Area. So no matter when you join the Circle, you have immediate access to ALL the healing and wisdom from every Circle gathering.

“My stress level went from 8 to 2 during Susan’s Soul Circle opening meditation. I immediately felt more clarity and openness to receiving joy.”

Diana E.

New York

“I love the spot-on mini-readings that Susan shares in our Circle times. Susan’s deep and specialized knowledge of even the most unusual “soul types” -- so valuable for me.

And, my manifesting practice is now at 2.0 level!”

Manon S.

The Netherlands

“Such practical help with the Solstice energies in our Zoom Circle meeting! It was effervescent! I always feel better and better after each Circle session.”

Bernice B


PLUS, as an added gift to Soul Circle members:

all of Susan’s Online Shop products ($20 or less)

are available to access FREE in the members area!

You’ll also receive these valuable bonuses with your Circle membership:


• Special members-only discounts on all products and live or recorded online courses valued at $50 and above

• Bonus sessions with guest experts in energy healing and personal growth

• Seasonal energy attunements to align you with the most helpful forces of Nature and the cosmos

• “Sneak previews” of upcoming products, events, and services

• And MORE as Spirit leads Susan to share with you!



 To sum up, here’s what you receive as a treasured member of the Graceflow Soul Circle:


• 24/7 Graceflow energies to you and your household (including pets

• Twice-monthly live Zoom sessions with Susan

• Bonus audio healing MP3s

• Exclusive gifts and Spirit-enriched content--a growing library of resources for Clearing, Healing, and Ascension

• Members-only discounts on select products and events offered to the public

• Seasonal energy attunements

• Special sessions with guest experts

• A Soulful community where you can connect with other like-minded seekers and grow together



 All of these benefits were created to accelerate Grace-ful growth for you—empowering, joyful, and uplifting—by offering abundant, enriched individual and group support that is both personal and energetic.


 Graceflow Soul Circle helps open new possibilities for you to:


 • Dissolve your energy blocks in finances, love, work, and health

 •Deepen your connection to the Divine

 • Accelerate your personal Ascension process

 • Enhance your physical and emotional well-being

 • Increase your self-love and create healthy relationships

 • Align with a loving partner

 • Navigate challenging circumstances with renewed power, ease--and Grace

 • Experience greater calm, peace, and harmony

 • Be opened up to surprising new blessings

 • Receive personal, unconditional support

 • And much more!



I love our Soul Circle  sessions together!


This past week I have been listening to your GraceClearing audio as I walk the trails through Discovery Park here in Seattle. One of my favorite things has been to sit against my favorite tree in the park (Harold) while I meditate and listen to the beautiful Grace filled music. It makes me tingly all over.”


Pam D.


Activating my personal Grace Receptors from your gift audio felt absolutely amazing, and I already felt better last night immediately and especially this morning.


The GraceClearing audio has also definitely made a difference in our apartment. The entire apartment feels so clear this morning--literally like Spring Cleaning!”

Alice K.



How does Graceflow feel?

That depends on your way of perceiving subtle energies! Some people feel tingly, others feel a “wash” of gentle energy, others see colors or simply notice a shift in awareness to greater calm and ease. 


However the energies come through, people perceive them as pleasant: soothing, nurturing, comforting--occasionally revitalizing if that’s what is needed. Because they are subtle energies, they are often unobtrusive, with effects becoming more noticeable over time (because you are releasing resistance and allowing the healing more fully).



How does Graceflow help my family and my pets?

When can I expect changes in my life from receiving Graceflow?

What’s the schedule for the live calls?

What if I have a question or healing need, but can’t make the live call?

Can I send Graceflow to my workplace or other people outside my home?

Membership Details


When you enroll in the Graceflow Soul Circle, you and your home will begin receiving energy right away! Plus you’ll have access to the member portal where you can log in and find a library of resources to enjoy before your first Live Call of the month.


To keep the energy flowing continually, your subscription will renew automatically, so you receive Graceflow and Tele-Tuning energy fresh each month.


This is highly recommended, since volatile energy currents are working both to create upgrades and resist upgrades for us and on the planet in these extraordinary times. The regular re-tuning and 24/7 personalized energies of Graceflow will hold and amplify your own personal harmonic of manifesting and Ascension through all the shifts around you.


Please note that all children under 16 and pets can be automatically included as receivers. Household members over 16 should give individual consent before purchase OR be allowed to “not receive.”


If an individual is "not receiving," the energy simply flows AROUND, not INTO, him/her. Susan finds that, on the soul level, many "non-receivers"do allow some of this ambient healing energy to do some deep inner work for them, and over time, they may actually decide to give consent and actively receive along with you!


If you’re ready for 24/7 energy empowerment, accelerated ascension that’s actually enjoyable, plus a dedicated community of extraordinary spiritual people to share the journey with--step into the Graceflow Soul Circle today and begin living in a state of Grace!


NOTE: You have complete freedom to manage your membership in the Graceflow Soul Circle, since you may cancel your subscription if needed and re-subscribe at any time. 



Please review the Membership Agreement for more information.