Susan truly, literally changed my life.

​​Mariell Waltner

Speaker, Teacher, & Coach

When I met Susan, I was in a relationship that wasn’t working, my life wasn’t working, and I felt lost.


In our sessions, she listened without judgement, channeled information from Spirit that was meant to be revealed to me, and taught me about spirituality. Also, the WAY in which she did it was new to me:  Her ego wasn’t clenching on to anything - she didn’t need to CONVINCE me of anything, she didn’t even need me to LIKE what she was saying!


Susan gave me the information and courage to boldly make the decisions to change my life, and she also taught me how to connect with my own Soul better. Now, I’m in a new relationship, I’m in a new job, I’m in a new life and I am a much more empowered person! I discovered that I also want to take the spiritual path, both personally and professionally.


My family used to laugh at me and now they greatly respect me. In fact, I had a great conversation with my mom recently.  I remember back in 2014 Susan said the day would come when we would talk and I would actually be at ease with her.  Those days have finally come.  Earlier I NEVER would have thought that could be my reality!


Susan is a clear and pure channel. She is EXTREMELY gifted, she has the ability to keep her ego out, and her heart and intentions come from the highest light.


I would love for MORE people to know about Susan Sinclair. She truly, literally changed my life.

In every session with Susan, I have felt instant results

I had to make a major life decision about further education, and called a friend I trusted who referred me to Susan. After only one session with Susan I had complete clarity on how to proceed forward. She is an incredible healer.


Susan accessed my Akashic Records to ask if the path I was about to embark on (which was going back to University to do a Master’s Degree in Psychology) was the right decision. It turned out it wasn’t, so I was grateful not to have made that mistake! I’m much happier with the path I took instead.


Susan also cleared my energy body and helped me to cut cords from previous teachers and organizations I was involved in.


And in another session, Susan helped me when Covid started to push my immunity by downloading subtle-energy “antivirus software.” I felt instantly better! Physically as well as emotionally.


In every session with Susan, I have felt instant results.


I am now healthier and happier, and Susan taught me techniques that are very beneficial to my health and wellbeing so I can work on it continuously. I’m deeply grateful for the work Susan has done for me.


I referred friends and family to her as well, and I would refer Susan’s work to all people I know that are on this spiritual path, because Susan can definitely help them with their individual journeys.


I feel so grateful for all that Susan is doing. Thank YOU, Universe and Susan!!!


Katherine R.

New York

Thank you so much for performing this quantum level remote clearing for me.

Susan, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for performing this quantum level remote clearing for me. I am astounded at how deep you can go and what new divine resources you can access as needed.

As soon as Susan received my email request she kicked off a process to start clearing in background even before my remote session was scheduled. Then she worked on my list of problem areas, scanned me for underlying or hidden causes, and used her latest techniques to clear me.

All the betrayals and trauma associated from my times as an ancient soul were stored deep within my cells. Susan accessed both my Akashic Records and called in a team of Top Tier Creator Beings who could go back to ancient times. Using her own and her team’s expertise was essential in clearing them out, especially the ancient and/or hidden ones.


I’ll listen to the recording multiple times to integrate all the clearings and messages that were shared!

Susan possesses a wisdom that I very much cherish. I will always be grateful for our divine connection!

I came to Susan at a point in my life when I had a lot of blocked energy, which was wreaking havoc on my physical body. From the very first session, I felt tremendous shifts and changes happening. I also gained great clarity and certainty as to the direction I wanted my life to take. I learned how to listen to my soul’s desires, and how to follow them.


Nicolette V and Chase


Our new house came to us just when you said it would!

Hi Susan! I've been meaning to reach out to you for a while now to give you an update after our session because boy did things start moving in the best way!


We spoke on May 5th and you said to stop looking for a house because it would show up, and gave me a 6-8 week timeline. On May 23rd we found our dream home. It was exactly one mile down the street from our apartment, and it was perfect in every way. We didn't want to change a thing, and it was more than we could have ever dreamed of for our first home. Basically a diamond in the rough. It didn't make any sense that it existed in this neighborhood, like it was out of place! 


The house had a lot of competition, but I just KNEW it was ours. We had to go over asking, (lots of complicated contingencies and we were worried), but the house appraised EXACTLY at our offer making the process seamless. There were so many things that aligned and people just kept saying "Wow that's really lucky... Do you know how lucky that is?" The house buying process was a breeze for us, and we were in the house exactly 7 weeks after I spoke with you. I want to say I'm shocked, but I just knew from the work we did together that this was all meant to be.  So instead I would say, "Thank you Universe bring me more divine synchronicities and abundance!" 


I've also had some changes with work and was offered a 3 month sabbatical with a raise! Lol things really have been moving into perfect alignment and I had to tell you! 


I've attached a picture of Chase and I in our new home. We just wanted to pop in and say hello and thank you again for all your beautiful work over the years. You are very special to us.  


With Love,


One word sums up our session together:


Donna P.

Kayla Gomez

RN and Energetic Healing Practitioner

Susan is truly a gift!

The first Akashic Record reading I received from Susan was so profound, resonant and healing that I have continued to work with her for various issues. Over the years our work together has evolved from Akashic readings to also intuitive guidance and healings. Anytime I am feeling "off" or blocked, generally tired, or struggling to understand different events happening in my life, I always seek out Susan for a higher level of understanding, awareness, and connection.


Working with Susan definitely always exceeds my expectations, I think the most beneficial being the prolonged insights and clarity that I can continue to get days after our sessions together. Her healing sessions always move stuck energy, and allow for messages, insights and clarity to more easily come through over the next several days.


She is truly a gift! And incredibly talented.

Patti Caraway

Susan is an amazing healer with an abundance of knowledge. She is a great teacher who balances fun & deep learning. And she is so easy to understand. I learned many new tools and techniques to own my sovereignty, and her phrase to clear out unwanted energies and entities works every time.

Nidhu Kapoor

International Telesummit Healer

Susan is THE ORACLE of our times!

Her knowing is inter-dimensional and inter-galactic and her voice carries remarkable frequencies of healing! She could read out a nursery rhyme and it would still work. I worked with her on a most virulent gene in my lineage, and with deep compassion and empathy she proceeded to remove it. In a couple of days I could see that the collateral damage of this gene in my family had reduced.


I work with either one or two gifted healers in a year as part of my own growth and Susan's on my list for 2021!

Dr. Martha Umana

Educator -Texas

I will recommend Susan with all my heart

Approximately six years ago, my professional life changed from good to bad, my work broke, and my income decreased, and I fell into depression. Two years ago, I had a change that though it was positive it ended in the worst way possible. During this year, things have gotten worse.


Susan’s processes were beyond any description and imagination, she is very knowledgeable, patient, and provides immediate results.


Susan’s processes are unique because they are not the usual one-time healing that even though they work, they are not sustainable. Susan’s teaching modality promotes independence; she teaches each process and provides you with all the tools needed to maintain the momentum.


I have not had a low day since I began working with her because when I feel low energy creeping on, I use her techniques to recover immediately.


The huge bonus was not only the processes guided by her but also the tools she provides us to maintain our balance. Susan is the first healer I’ve met that provides us with the tools that allow us to keep ascending. Susan does not create dependency; she does not use language or connections that only she can understand. She shares the knowledge so we can become the captain of our ascension. These tools have been the magic key to maintain my balance; I feel empowered by them.


Each process delivered an immediate pleasant result, but the most crucial factor here is that I learned how to keep the result. 


Since working with Susan, I am valued again in my work; I recovered all the privileges I lost 6 years ago. But above all, I feel a PERMANENT peace and assurance that all will be fine.


I will recommend Susan with all my heart to every person that is tired of quick unsustainable results. Susan’s processes are powerful, provide immediate results, and they are sustainable through time.

I literally feel things fall into place when Susan speaks.


Leonard Adrian Bisquera

Pasig, Philippines

Author and Poet (Wings from Ashes)


For at least 10 years, I had been struggling with old inner wounds, anxiety, and self-judgement.


But when I started in the group sessions, I loved Susan’s profoundly explained perspective and expansive healing. She showed me realms I never thought existed. It totally made me release my judgment on me and gave me more clarity in each session. The grounding, akashic redirect, setting boundaries, being gentle with the ego and a whole lot of tools were provided efficiently, effectively and it empowered me in quantum leaps.


After our third group session, I felt so excited about life in general. My enthusiasm came back. I also recalled that I am a sovereign being and I have the power and I am holding the light.


In some sessions I could feel immediate positive changes, others took time to integrate but overall, it is so sustaining and I can still feel the results. So amazing!!!


Now I am more confident and I can easily say no without feeling guilty. Self-love is apparent and I saw the world differently.


Susan will bring you back your power to heal yourself, love yourself, and reclaim your sovereign being that you are.


To anyone who would choose to work with Susan, I do believe it will serve your highest good and make you remember what you signed up for in this present earth journey.

Susan’s work is a life-changing Experience: TRANSFORMATIONAL AND TRANSCENDENT.

Maria Yearwood

Jainene R

 Seattle, Washington

I manifested my #1 desire from our group sessions within a few weeks!

Susan, I am grateful beyond words for the guidance you share! I have already been able to manifest the desire I put forth in our group session a couple weeks ago and you have been a wonderful catalyst to help me move forward. The desire I put forth during our group sessions was to quit my job and retire! We prepared our 100 year old home for sale, and our house sold very fast, that was when I knew we were on the right path. Two weeks after I wrote down my intention to retire, while we were doing our group sessions, my boss finally asked if I was thinking of leaving. I had the courage to tell him YES! It started a dialogue between us and I am now planning my exit. Just having the conversation has changed me - I'm already feeling more at peace and feel like I'm coming from a position of power and it's been such a positive experience! Thanks to you, I found the ability to figure this situation out and I'm grateful! I want to work with you more!


 I am grateful beyond words for the guidance you share!

 Susan’s clearings are so thorough, I am impressed. Thank you! I loved working with Susan, I loved her tools and clearings, especially the Akashic redirection!



Teng Ophelth Throngkitpaisan

Chinese Medicine and Sound Practitioner

Seattle , Washington

My life makes so much more sense!

I first met Susan at a workshop about SoulPrints and felt the call to learn more about my soul. Now I feel the call to work with Susan when I feel trapped, lost or uninspired, or when I forget about who I am in the midst of the world, or when I need more clarity into a situation with my family, my relationship, and my friends.


I normally feel the shift in my energy right away in our sessions. In terms of mindsets, beliefs, and behaviors, those would take time to integrate and learn from, but Susan helps me so much by shining light to them and giving me valuable insights.


I have to say that Susan changed my life since the day I met and consulted with her! I know who I am more at the soul level and I have more clarity into what my soul purpose is. I am very grateful that she helped me piece the puzzle of my life together.


I would tell everyone to take a session with Susan to learn more about your soul essence and your soul purpose.  My times with Susan are super-helpful for me, and my life makes so much more sense :)


Susan is here to help the planet and I am glad that I got to be one of the people she has touched :)

I finally completely surrendered to

The Universe, and now feel such a sense of relief.

Elizabeth W.

Carrie W.


This Christmas is the best Christmas so far! I’m super happy!

Hi Susan,


I really want to share some amazing news with you. One month after my private session with you, guess what happened:


My son just got early admission of Stanford university! Our 18 years dream finally came true! This is the best news for the past 18 years. You can’t imagine how happy I’m. The healing coming from this result is huge!


Plus recently I got to know a guy, he is almost my dream guy, we have strong connection and chemistry. I’m so happy he showed up in my life.


Laurika B.

Energy Healer and Author


Susan is truly a gift!

After the Free Your Soul energy clearing group session, Susan mentioned that we may even look differently. My husband randomly told me a couple days ago that I look like a 20 year old college drop out….. I am in fact 50 years old! That made me smile big. Thank you so much for these sessions. I have been feeling like I can breathe



I was looking for guidance on how to get more in line with my Life Purpose, which has been going on for a few years now.


Susan helped clarify so many things for me. She also provided concrete, actionable steps and processes that allowed me to get closer to my goals.

I learned so much about Energetic boundaries and strategies for living a more comfortable life on Planet Earth. 


I felt shifts right away on the live call as well as afterwards as things shifted and cleared. Susan is so adept and knowledgeable that I was intrigued and gobsmacked right from the start. It was so much fun and so refreshing as well as educational. 


Now, I feel more alive and aware, plus more grounded, more able to understand others around me. I have also become more patient for one thing--so others have gotten a better version of me since Susan came on the scene.


I totally would recommend Susan. She is like a gentle Genie in a Bottle full of understanding and clarity--and very educated and fun too!


I feel so much more alive, aware, and grounded since working with Susan!

Elizabeth Drafae

Seattle, Washington

After our group work and my private session with Susan, I made a Declaration to the Universe that I had asked and sought and knocked and now I’m done and the ball is in Your court! I felt a stillness and a quiet and a sense of relief. I inwardly heard a soft voice say, “Finally.”


I went to bed, and today I feel at peace. I also feel like there are millions of tiny fingers rewiring all of my systems. I feel like my body is slightly vibrating and even my teeth tingle. Same as after my one-on-one session!


And I took a big step, and recently completed the legal process to change my name to align with my SoulPrint after my work with Susan. So exciting!

Pam D.

Seattle, Washington

Susan is a very gifted soul!

I felt my husband and I were in a rut and not communicating in the most effective way. Rarely, did disagreements have much to do with the issue at hand for me, but more about the way in which he would respond. I became frustrated and hurt much of the time, which has been happening on and off for several years.



I always knew a big part of any issue was that I needed to change how I reacted to others– to protect myself from feeling as if I was punched in the gut. 


Susan’s beautiful way in which she described and guided through the boundaries, permission rose, grounding cord was the most helpful and useful tools to date for me. It took some practice to make sure my rose was ready for what may come but it majestically stands at attention, almost like a protective radar.


I am feeling much more peaceful and less tension. Definitely more balanced and aligned. I also feel better equipped to deal with stressful situations that would have normally rocked me to my core. Now those situations do not come near my core. 


I believe the energy/communication between my husband and I has greatly improved due to the energy work I did on myself with Susan’s guidance. There has been much more peace and a lot less reactions. Lots more love flowing.


Susan is a very gifted soul and has quite the ability to tune into people’s energies. She is also an incredible light being and has a gentleness that is comforting and easy to be around.



After only one session with Susan I had clarity on how to proceed forward. She is an incredible healer.

Amanda Christina

Molly Kendrick

Portland, OR

What a joyful and healing discovery!! I’m just so grateful!

I wasn’t very active in my spiritual life for some time, due to what I now call “the cult of survival” meaning my basic needs were barely met and for various other reasons I simply didn’t have the vision or energy.


Through the Soul Print quiz and just from downloading all the beautiful knowledge Susan shared I was able to see myself as a spiritual being again, and rekindle my faith that there IS a collective awakening happening!

I desperately needed to be surrounded by other spiritual beings as well, and I feel seen and appreciated as a result.


Susan really helped me communicate lovingly with myself in regards to honoring the logical mind and delving deeper anyway. I now have tools to talk to my logical mind and calm it.


The first minute of the first meeting I could hear the clarity of her energy in her voice, and knowing that I was in the right place was in itself a healing experience. It’s like I turned the lights back on in a dingy room. Suddenly I can see all the amazing and limitless possibilities in my own spiritual life. Other opportunities and groups have been flowing to me!

Bernice Brightbill


Susan is a flowing agent of transformation and Grace.

The one on one session with Susan found me in my usual scattered mindset - feeling totally unprepared for her session as well as a looming IRS Enrolled Agent Exam in a few days.  Susan logically explained her process and got me to easily and enjoyably enter my inner space, and then she treated me to a clearing and elimination of all the clutter. I immediately felt calm and clear, and then Susan showed me how to apply this to taking the exam.


My computer practice test sessions for the exam never got me over 55%! But going to the real thing a few days after our session, I did the same process and quieted the mental chatter, allowing the seemingly "empty" head to access what I needed for each question. And I was totally shocked (and delighted) that I passed the exam!


I am so grateful for the process she shared and the method & way of seeing into my higher mind, and will continue to use this.


This process Susan taught me will make my "work" of helping my tax clients as well as all aspects of my life easier, more enjoyable and effective!  I'm forever thankful that Susan is doing this divinely inspired work

Thelma Fitzgerald

I’d always thought the soul was “out there” with God and not very approachable, and how did it have any impact on everyday life? Susan made the soul personal to me, and explained how it’s meant to guide me in my everyday life--that was an extreme revelation to me! I love being able to quiet my mind and accept my ego’s true usefulness as well. I know I have something practical to take away and use in my life from Susan’s teachings

Paula Sodora

Susan is an amazing Energy Sherpa. I'm so grateful for her help and guidance.

Susan was recommended to me by an energy healer that I admire and trust. As an empath, I have struggled with grounding and maintaining my boundaries.


Additionally, as my meditation practice evolved, so too had my energy awareness. I began seeing lots of disembodied energies in the evening. I knew I wasn't in danger but at the same time I was feeling fear. I tried several clearing methods, they reduced the number of experiences I was having but I was still having visitors. The whole thing was creeping me out. 


Working with Susan has been a blessing. I now have a grounding method that works for me. She has also taught me how to set energetic boundaries, perimeters and appropriately manage disembodied energies. My sleep has improved, I have a quick and effective way to ground my energy and I don't feel fearful to be in my home in the evenings. 

Susan is truly a kind, wise Earth Angel, sharing such balanced and elegant spiritual insights. I now know I have the right to be free from any abusive or toxic energies at all times.

Ursula A.

 Chicago, Illinois

Kellean Bayles


Our house and property have a lot of spirit activities. My health had been suffering as a result.  Prior to moving into this house I hadn't had any of these issues. It was one thing after another. I had doctors telling me I had bad luck. I kept telling my husband that there is something with the house that is making me sick. I had seen a lot of harmful entities throughout the house and a lot of orbs. My husband had chronic headaches and would feel completely drained right after coming home. I felt blocked. I had a difficult time connecting to my guides. 


When we found Susan, we had been struggling for close to 6 years!


She did an Energy Clearing for our home and property. Susan then activated a Comprehensive Personal Clearing for myself and my husband. 


Susan literally saved our lives! I know the activity in the house would have killed me. We felt immediate relief after her clearing the house and us. My husband's chronic headaches stopped and my severe neck pain ended. I felt like a new person! I was no longer plagued by horrible pain throughout my body. I felt lighter. And I could literally breathe easier. My lungs were finally clear!


I could also hear my guides. Before the clearing I felt blocked. I've been able to hear my guides my entire life, so losing that link felt debilitating. 


I felt Susan’s Clearing results immediately, and whenever we have a session, results are immediate then as well. 


Our quality of life has improved greatly. Working with Susan has helped us to awaken. We are on the path of enlightenment. We are developing our spiritual gifts. 


We love how things have changed, and we share our story often with others. Susan will change your life for the better!


When issues have continued to rise in the house (because the spirit activity is just part of the land, and sometimes “visitors” show up that we don’t want), Susan is there to take care of it immediately. And things always resolve once we call her in. She listens and she cares and she is truly Guided in her energy work in a way that has been miraculous for us. This is what separates her from others. 


We went to a couple of different people before we met Susan. Everyone has their gifts. Susan was a game changer, her gifts were everything we needed!

After being stuck in a rut for several years, there is lots more love flowing between me and my husband!

Pam Dundas

Seatlle, Washington

Jill Swan

Susan is the Real Deal!

Before my time with Susan, I was going through my days with a sense of loss and lack of purpose.


In our sessions, Susan held space in making me feel where I was in life was not only okay, but an accomplishment. She then opened my records and with grace and sincerity shared the guidance and messages from the higher realm that I wasn’t able to tap into. Having her assist me with this not only helped clear some fog in my life but also made me feel cared for on a deep level and far from being alone. 


Because of this, I was then able to go forward in my life with a sense of peace and also passion that I was on the right track and excited about all that was yet to come. I felt a sense of peace right away, but the benefits of working with Susan are ongoing. 


Susan’s the ‘Real Deal’ and anyone lucky enough to work with her and who is open and willing to hear what the Records are sharing, won’t regret it.

Thank you so much for all of the information, guidance and love! I feel my emotions stirring as I recognize the truths you have provided. As I process your reading, I am very excited to work with this information. I feel hope, gratitude and relief. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Blossom Yoga

L. Sue Baugh

 Author - Echoes of the Earth

I first met Susan at a Native American flute circle, and it was clear that she had something special about her. We connected later, and I asked her to do an Akashic records reading about some old phobias I had. Her reading went straight to the heart of the fears, and over two sessions, eliminated them. This was the first time anyone had ever had that effect on these long-standing issues.

The next encounter we had at her Gatekeepers seminar, where she led us through a series of exercises to meet our Gatekeeper, a being who would help protect us as we did our individual spiritual work. The results were amazing! Ariel was the one who showed up, along with the Sun. Not familiar with what these beings meant, I did a little research. The archangel Ariel presides over Earth and creative forces, exactly what I was working with, having written a book about the world’s oldest rock and mineral sites and was busy sharing the story. Her companion was the Sun, which gives vital energy to those in need of assistance. Again, perfectly in line with a too-busy life of giving talks and working as a writer.

I can recommend Susan’s work whole-heartedly. She works with a great deal of integrity and honesty. As the Native American elders say of a true shaman, ‘There’s a person who knows something.'


Chicago, Illinois

Namaste Beloved Susan,

Thank you so much for the Energy Purifying program and Tuesday night’s healing. And I want to give gratitude for my Gatekeeper as well. The Gatekeeper been such a blessing! I used to feel everything, it would come right through and “hit” me, even a glance or a thought or projection, and it would stop me from what I was doing at the moment. That was the worst part, just feeling it. Now, there is a buffer zone! Hallelujah! Now I can sense other energies still in my outer edges, but not be taken by them! This has been just a blessing, to feel this level of freedom, to no longer feel every push and shove, and to go on being me! Thank you beloved.

Kevin Seymour

 Chicago, Illinois

Your Healthy Energy Boundaries Workshop has truly been life changing for me. Today I had an amazing conversation with my manager at work. They were acting unprofessional and instead of caving or overreacting, I was calmly able to discuss what was valid about the experience and what was inappropriate and we both walked away feeling good about what exchanged. I feel as though I have a great boundary with this individual now, as well as others in authority in my life.

The workshop has helped me to better recognize energy boundary issues within myself and my clients and has given me additional tools with which to help empower my clients within my shamanic and reiki practices. Thank you for the wonderful workshop and for doing what you do!

Tony N.

 Seattle, Washington

I just want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though it’s only been a few days since the energy clearing and re-set session with you, I feel like a completely new person. It’s still surreal right now, as I am experiencing everyday life with a completely new perspective and it feels amazing! Sending you good vibes!

Oh, and remember when you said I would find my soul contract partner? I think I found her…actually a part of me knows this definitely. I’m not rushing this because I innately feel it’ll unravel the way it’s supposed to. It’s just crazy that it happened sooner than I expected.

Thank you very much for finally coming into my life, Susan!

Dr. Ann

Mt. Prospect, Illinois

I wanted to thank you for the work that you did for me. It’s been a long journey but I think things are manifesting for me. I find myself in the most amazing and supportive work environment. I am now a part of an Alternative Health Center with 3 other women. Thanks again–I feel you helped me get here!

Kathleen Kuper


Mokena, Illinois

I am compelled to write to you to extend my gratitude to you for the Akashic Records reading I had with you in February. This is amazing and life changing for me.

I know that I have more work to do to heal, but my clarity and awareness about the traumas behind my panic attacks changes everything. I now have a deeper compassion and understanding of myself. All of the pieces fit together and I am filled with gratitude and love for my soul’s difficult journey. Seeing all of this from a higher perspective of love, or the 'God glasses' as you call it, changes everything.

I know I will be contacting you for another session in the future. Thank you so much!


 Sri Lanka

​Susan, I wanted to thank you for an amazing clearing--everything you said rings very true for me.


Our dog actually took a while to register that it really was me after our session! And my daughter said I looked 'different' .. already :) 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I'm feeling hopeful after a long time.

Cary Weldy

 I can feel the healing energy emanating from her voice and being. 

I was introduced to Susan and her wonderful work at her Gatekeeper workshop, which really resonated with me. Her way of teaching with clarity in a fun way was enjoyable and very helpful. Subsequently, I began to hire her for individual sessions.

Susan’s work as a spiritual counselor has been very helpful for me in my spiritual growth. She has been instrumental in her guidance and spiritual understanding at a higher level, as she helps direct my attention to the bigger picture. As a Course in Miracles suggests, Susan assists me in ‘helping to see things differently.’

In the individual healing sessions, I noticed that her voice alone, whether she is speaking or toning specific sounds, is quite healing. My physical, emotional and mental bodies simply relax, and I can feel the healing energy emanating from her voice and being. Many thanks and blessings, dear Susan!

Margaret V.

Chicago, Illinois

My Dearest Susan,

Thank you so very much for taking all the time out of your busy schedule and writing and sending me the Comprehensive Personal Clearing report on my son. I just sat and cried when I read all of it! It will take some time to sink in and I will read it again and again. Thank you for being such an integral part of assisting my son and for all your beautiful and giving Light here on this earth!!

“I thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart for all of this. I feel this clearing was long overdue for him and I will continue to send him the Gold and White Light you suggested. I will keep you posted, as I see or know things from him as well. Susan, I can’t believe there were all these layers and things attached. This is so scary to me that we walk this earth without an awareness or knowledge of this. What made my skin crawl was the Djinni and the 6 Demonic entities and multiple Fae’s. All I can say is THANK YOU because now I feel some sense of peace, especially knowing that it was you who took care of all of this for him coming from such a loving and good place. So Thank You Susan!!!

“I am still planning to continue my work with you as well. Thank you so much again Susan, you are truly a God given Angel here!



I feel so blessed that Susan has chosen to share her many gifts with others. She has helped me tremendously and has a true spiritual connection accompanied by the desire to assist others on their journeys and it is evident in her readings. Thank you, Susan, for all of your help with so many facets of my spiritual path. It has brought me so much peace and my heart is filled with gratitude.

Edit Nagy

Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for the clearing session! You helped tremendously. The depression clouds magically lifted from my husband a couple days after the clearing. He is back to his optimistic, energetic self now. Our balance is restored! He even made a remark that he accepts who I am becoming spiritually, and how I see the world, and supports me on my journey. He is my true soulmate, and now we can see each other for who we really are.



Thank you very much for the amazing experience at your SoulPrint Workshop, as well, and also for the chart and special offers. It was a life-changing experience and I am eternally grateful to you for it. Thank you!



You know, you are the one who reminded me that I have green thumbs for plants the first time we met. And that moment got me started to hang out with plants more!! I used to love to ask my parents to take me to plant shops for me to buy flowers and plants as a very young kid. Then, I stopped for a long time because I had to do science and engineering school for my parents and living abroad. Now, it is like I am living the life I always wanted as a kid! Thank you so much!


I am grateful that you always help me, Susan! I am wishing you well!

With the power of grace,

Ophelth 🌱

"I love hearing your words of wisdom."

Teng Ophelth Throngkitpaisan

Chinese Medicine and Sound Practitioner

Milli Thornton

Tucson, Arizona

Susan is heartfelt but also fearless in going for the highest good of the client.

"I always enjoy my sessions with Susan, and my One Divine Touch session was no exception. Susan zeroed in on key malfunctions that were contributing to the issue I brought to her, and she also provided amazing resources for me to check into during a follow-up email.

Three weeks later, I have completely dropped a bad habit that was contributing to the issue, and I've instituted a 40-day program to build myself back to wholeness. The program includes some very self-nurturing practices that I would not have come up with were it not for Susan shining a light on those areas that needed work.

I love the feeling that Susan believes in me and is cheering me on even when we're not in contact. Susan gives brilliant value for money and these days she's my top choice whenever I need energy work. She is heartfelt but also fearless in going for the highest good of the client."

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